Monday, September 13, 2010

The American Nightmare as reported by Hans Vogel

There once was the “American Dream.” To be sure, first this dream was American in the true sense of the word, pertaining to the entire continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Before long, however, the adjective “American” was hijacked and applied with appalling single-mindedness to the US exclusively. This operation has been so successful that today to most people in the world, “American” is synonymous with “US”.

Yet one ought to remember that once the American Dream could be chased not only in the US, but in Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela Argentina and Uruguay as well. Since the mid-1800s the latter, like the US, have also attracted millions upon millions of Europeans in search of a better, freer and more comfortable life. Until quite recently, many of them were indeed rewarded for their efforts. Their labor has forever transformed the face of the New World.

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  1. nice,supportin' every day
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  2. I wonder what dream people chase after now...

  3. Haha, I always call people out when they say America. It only means US if you pronounce it 'Merikkka!

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  5. An interesting insight, but I don't really get where the writer is going.

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  6. i chase the american dream is canada myself.